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Spinal Modulation Neuromodulation System

Spinal Modulation Neurostimulator

Photo credits: Obtained from Spinal Modulation's site

Spinal Modulation is a company based in Menlo Park, CA.  It has developed a neurostimulator for chronic intractable pain management.

According to the company, the Spinal Modulation System utilizes low-level electrical signals to modulate neural structures of primary sensory neurons located within the dorsal root ganglion (DRG). These cell bodies have been implicated in the development and maintenance of chronic pain conditions.

In December 2011 Spinal Modulation Neurostimulator System received the CE Mark for the management of chronic intractable pain.

Announcement: www.spinalmodulation.com/pdf/PressRelease-CE_Mark_Announcement.pdf

Company website:  www.spinalmodulation.com

Click here for Spinal Modulation’s patents and patent applications.

Spinal Modulation’s founder: Mir A. Imran

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