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CerebralRx FitNeS Vagus Nerve Stimulator for Epilepsy Treatment

CerebralRx FitNeS vagus neurve stimulator for treatment of epilepsy

Image Credit: Biocontrol

In June 2011, Israeli neuromodulation systems developer BioControl Medical spun-off CerebralRx to market its FitNeS vagus nerve stimulation system for the treatment of refractory epilepsy.

The FitNes system employs platform technology developed for the CardioFit® system for treating congestive heart failure (HF). CerebralRx spun out of BioControl Medical to expand the use of this technology outside of cardiology for the treatment of a range of neurological disorders, including epilepsy.

CerebralRx’s FitNeS consists of an implanted stimulator and stimulation lead, which work together to deliver electrical signals to the left vagus nerve. The company claims that the FitNeS improvements over existing vagus nerve stimulation devices by employing lower currents, minimizing nerve damage through a unique nerve electrode interface, reducing current leakage through improved cuff isolation, and allowing for safe and easy explant of the electrode if required.

The FitNeS system is CE Marked.

Company website: www.cerebralrx.com

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