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Enopace Biomedical

Enopace's implantable device

From Patent Application Publication: US 2011/0137370 A1

Enopace Biomedical Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Yossi Gross in Caesarea, Israel.

Very scant details are available besides that it is developing a neuromodulation system to treat patients with congestive heart failure. According to the company, its technology consists of a minimally invasive, implantable neurostimulation device that increases cardiac efficiency by reducing left ventricular workload.

From Enopace’s patent applications, it seems that Enopace’s device consists of a stimulation unit that is placed within the aorta close to the heart, and which is driven wirelessly from a coil that is placed within a vein closeby to the artery.  The transmitting coil is in turn driven from an implanted control unit that is implanted subcutaneously.

 In October 2011 Sorin invested $7 million to finance the initial clinical studies of Enopace’s technology as well as ongoing product development.

Company website: www.enopace.com

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