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Nanowattics: Ultra-Low-Power ASIC Design for Implantable Devices

Nanowattics logo custom IC ASIC design for implantable medical devices

Nanowattics ASIC for an implantable medical device Nanowattics was founded in 2007 to provide development services of ultra-low-power application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for safety-critical applications.

Nanowattics’ core team is extremelly experienced in the design of ASICs for implantable medical devices.  Their designs include the main ASIC for a DDDR pacemaker,  a sub-microvolt differential amplifier for electroneurographic signal acquisition, and the chipset for a multi-channel current-mode implantable stimulator.

Besides IC design services, Nanowattics also offers IC development project management through the entire product design cycle, including feasibility studies, translation of requirements, foundry submission, fabrication, packaging, prototype testing, documentation, certifications, and production.

Nannowattics’ Design Center is located in Montevideo, Uruguay.  One of its founders, Dr. Fernando Silveira is the author of the book “Low Power Analog CMOS for Cardiac Pacemakers.”

Nanowattics website: www.nanowattics.com


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