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CardioMEMS Miniature Implantable Wireless Sensors

CardioMEMS miniature implantable sensor for heart failure and aneurism management

CardioMEMS was founded by Dr. Jay S. Yadav and Dr. Mark G. Allen in Atlanta, GA in 2000 to develop implantable micro-electromechanical sensors to improve the management of severe chronic cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure and aneurysms.

The miniature wireless sensors can be delivered through a catheter.  Once in place, they transmit cardiac output, blood pressure and heart rate data that are critical to the management of patients. Due to their small size, durability, and lack of wires and batteries, CardioMEMS’ sensors are designed to be permanently implanted into the cardiovascular system. An external reader is used to interrogate the sensors.

The Company’s FDA-cleared EndoSure® sensor is used for intrasac pressure during endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair and during endovascular thoracic aortic aneurysm repair (TAA). It serves as an adjunctive tool in the detection of intraoperative leaks of the stent graft during AAA repair.

In February 2011, a study using CardioMEMS sensors implanted in the pulmonary artery of heart failure patients who measured the pressure on a daily basis resulted in 30 percent reduction in the primary efficacy endpoint of heart failure hospitalization rates at six months, and a 39 percent reduction in heart failure hospitalization rates at 15 months.

Company website: www.cardiomems.com

Click here for CardioMEMS’ patents

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