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Nevro’s Senza Rechargeable Spinal Cord Stimulator for Back and Leg Pain

Nevro Senza Implantable Spinal Cord Stimulator for Back and Leg Pain
Image Source: Nevro’s Website

Nevro Corporation (formerly NBI Development) was founded in 2006 by Dr. Konstantinos Alataris.  The Menlo Park, CA company developed a pain management concept that originated at the Mayo Clinic into a spinal cord stimulation system for back and leg pain.

According to Nevro, their unique stimulation waveform achieves pain relief without paresthesia or uncomfortable stimulation.  Few details are available about the waveform, but Nevro’s Spanish distributor’s brochure specifies it as high-frequency stimulation at 10,000 Hz.  This is consistent with Nevro’s patent applications which teach that “high-frequency modulation in the range of from about 1.5 KHz to about 50 KHz may be applied to the patient’s spinal cord region to address low back pain without creating unwanted sensory and/or motor side affects.”

Nevro has obviously invested quite a bit in the ergonomics of the system, providing patient ease-of-use through extended telemetry range for the remote control and simple interface for the remote control, and physician ease-of-use by simplifying the lead implant procedure by lead placement at anatomic midline rather than physiologic midline and a surgical procedure without the need for OR paresthesia mapping.

Nevro received the CE Mark for the Senza system in 2010.

Company website:  www.nevro.com

Click here for Nevro’s patents related to the therapy

Click here for Nevro’s patents




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  1. […] Nevro Corp announced that FDA has granted approval for initiation of its SENZA-RCT study, a U.S. prospective, randomized, controlled pivotal clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of Nevro’s high-frequency spinal cord stimulation system for the treatment of chronic pain. […]

  2. Alison Moriarty

    I would just like to say I suffered with CRPS and SRD for the last 5 years in the extreme, the last 6 months I have been bed ridden. I am a 36yr old Mom of two. I just had my permanent Nevro Senza device fitted on Monday 30 July 2012 in St Vincent’s Hospital,Dublin,Ireland under
    Dr Declan O’Keeffe and although I have a lot of surgical pain my nerve pain is virtually.
    This only day the 5th day after surgery!!
    I can’t wait to walk and swim and play with my 2 children,3yrs and 5yrs, 3 dogs and my amazing husband.I am hoping it will change our lives for the better.
    Kindest regards, Alison

    • Please keep us posted after a month or so of your results. This device is not approved in the US, but they are conducting trials in a month or two. Would love to hear that it worked for you.