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Home Therapies Drug Delivery Palyon Medical’s Implantable Programmable Pain-Medicine Pump

Palyon Medical’s Implantable Programmable Pain-Medicine Pump


Palyon Medical programmable implantable pump for chronic pain control
Image Credit: Palyon Medical’s animation at www.biodigital.com

Palyon Medical Corporation was founded in 2004 in New York, NY, but recently moved its operations to Santa Clarita, CA.  Palyon is still operating stealthily.

Palyon is developing a programmable implantable drug delivery system (IDDS) which delivers targeted doses of pain medication directly to the spinal area for the treatment of chronic pain, spasticity and other neurological diseases.  According to Luis Malave, the company’s CEO, “Due to its inherent flexibility as a delivery platform, the IDDS can be used to deliver therapeutics to treat both acute diseases, such as cancer, and chronic diseases including diabetes and multiple sclerosis.”

Company website: www.palyoncorp.com (domain being used for employee email, but website not set up as of today)

Click here for Palyon’s patents.



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