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Biotronik Launches Implantable BioMonitor for Monitoring Arrhythmias

Biotronik BioMonitor to diagnose arrhythmias.  David Prutchi PhD www.implantable-device.comBiotronik announced the European market release of BioMonitor®, an implantable cardiac device designed for the highly accurate and reliable monitoring and management of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) or unexplained syncope.

According to Biotronik’s press release:

“BioMonitor® is a subcutaneous implantable leadless cardiac monitor for the long-term continuous remote monitoring of patients with arrhythmias such as AF, bradycardia, sudden rate drop, asystole and tachycardia.

As sensitivity and specificity are essential in the detection of arrhythmias such as AF, BIOTRONIK has developed ClearSense Technology with a unique three-vector signal detection that produces highly precise and reliable arrhythmia monitoring.

The ClearSense Technology records three ECG channels converting them to one high quality ECG input signal to clearly distinguish on a beat-to-beat basis between a genuine signal and other artifacts such as myopotentials due to body muscle contractions. This innovative technology allows for optimal arrhythmia detection independent of the device’s implant orientation within the body and provides a longevity of 6.4 years.

BioMonitor® is equipped with BIOTRONIK’s home monitoring system, which provides daily remote data transfer without patient interaction — leading to high patient compliance. Its traffic light system streamlines monitoring by highlighting the most relevant information and providing accurate data for physicians to monitor and manage their patients effectively.”


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