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Proposed Microgravity Testing of AIMDs


With the popularization of space tourism, I would hereby like to propose the addition of a clause to 45502-1 to be titled “Protection of the active implantable medical device from microgravity conditions“.  I propose the following language:

The implantable parts of an ACTIVE IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE shall be designed and constructed so that no irreversible change will be caused by exposure to microgravity conditions.

Test. The implantable parts of the ACTIVE IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE shall be carried in the pocket of the RESPONSIBLE ENGINEER and subjected for at least twelve episodes of microgravity (<0.1 g), each lasting for at least 20 s.

Appropriate exposure shall be confirmed by observing that Skittles, M&Ms, water and other light objects behave consistently with microgravity conditions.

Compliance shall be confirmed by verifying that RESPONSIBLE ENGINEER giggled throughout the test like a little school kid.  Oh yeah, and also by checking that no irreversible damage is caused by the test to the implantable parts of the ACTIVE IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE according to inspection of documentation provided by the MANUFACTURER, supported by data from test studies as appropriate.”

I am hopeful that this proposal is not suppressed by the vast, nefarious conspiracy that has acted against my prior EN 45502-1 clause proposals such as “Protection of Non-Implantable Parts to Extended Tropical UV Exposure” and “Protection of Non-Implantable Parts to Accidental Spillover of Alcoholic Beverages Decorated with Paper Umbrellas.”

David and Dorith Prutchi floating in Zero G on board the G Force One airplane
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