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Transoma’s Sleuth Implantable Wireless ECG Monitor

Transoma's Sleuth Implantable Wireless ECG MonitorTransoma was the name that Data Sciences International of St Paul, MN adopted in 2003 when it re-fucused its animal telemetry implant business to develop an implantable wireless system to capture electrocardiogram data for diagnosing human cardiac arrhythmias, as well as to monitor the electrical activity of the heart and transmit data from the patient’s home to monitoring centers.

In 2007, Transoma received FDA’s approval for its Sleuth implantable device to wirelessly monitor a patient’s ECG for possible diagnosis of arrhythmias and prevention of syncopal episodes.  The Sleuth ECG Monitoring System included a High Definition Implantable Loop Recorder (HD-ILR), a Personal Diagnostic Manager, a Base Station and a Monitoring Center staffed 24/7.

Transoma filed for an initial public offering in October 2007, hoping to raise $75 million. But withdrew its IPO registration the following February, citing “unfavorable market conditions.”

Then, in February 2009, Transoma received approval for its improved device, the Sleuth AT™, which was able to wirelessly communicate with a personal device carried in a pocket or purse, or with a home base station that could automatically contact a patient’s physician if an abnormal rhythm was detected.

In December of the same year Transoma ran out of venture capital and closed its doors.  Data Sciences International, which had been spun-out again from Transoma remains in the animal-telemetry business.

Transoma Medical Sleuth AT System for Ambulatory ECG Monitoring





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