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TransWorld’s Soul Mate Implantable Heart Transplant Rejection Monitor

TransWorld Medical's Soul Mate Implantable Heart Transplant Rejection Monitor
Image Source: TransWorld Heart Corporation’s Website

TransWorld Heart Corporation of Charlotte, NC, was founded by Dr. Charles Richardson in 2004.  The company developed an implantable device intended to replace routine post-transplant heart biopsies.

TransWorld’s Soul Mate implantable system analyzes 9 intramyocardial electrogram parameters recorded from 4 or 6 configurations of 2 or 3 epicardial leads to detect allograft rejection.

Results of an animal study on 5 dogs published in 2009 concluded that “the Soul Mate allograft rejection monitoring system accurately detected transplanted heart rejection in a canine model noninvasively with continuous sampling. This proof-of-concept study suggests that the Soul Mate could be used to more intensely and more frequently monitor cardiac allografts for rejection.” (Circulation. 2009;120[suppl 1]:S185–S190.)

In January 2010, TransWorld Medical announced that it was intending to raise capital to fund the development and clinical testing of other medical-devices.  Dr. Richardson stated that “The company’s TransWorld Heart Corp. unit initially focused on its heart-transplant device, the Soul Mate. But company officials saw the potential for other medical equipment with similar rejection-monitoring capabilities.”

TransWorld Heart’s website is at:  transworldmed.com/transworldheart/

Click here for the patents on the Soul Mate device (assigned to LifeScience Solutions, TransWorld’s parent company)

Click here for paper: T. Horay, et al., “Novel Implantable Device to Detect Cardiac Allograft Rejection”, Circulation. 2009;120[suppl 1]:S185–S190.

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