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NDI Medical’s Miniature MicroPulse Neurostimulator

NDI Medical MicroPulse rechargeable neurostimulator
Image Credit: SPR Therapeutics

NDI Medical was founded in 2002 by Geoffrey B. Thrope to develop and commercialize neurodevice products.  NDI Medical developed the MicroPulse neurostimulator, a thumb-sized, rechargeable pulse generator, that has been used for the treatment of incontinence and pain, as well as an implantable device for the restoration of function of paralyzed limbs.

According to a 2006 news release by the electronics assembly manufacturer for the MicroPulse:

“Using minimally-invasive surgery, the Micropulse is implanted into a patient, usually in the lower abdomen or buttock, where the device is most comfortable and least visible. After implantation, a clinician uses a wireless programmer to set the Micropulse’s stimulus parameter and timing patterns. The programmer, as well as the patient’s controller for the device, has a range of about three feet.

To recharge the device’s lithium-ion battery, the patient applies a recharging patch for several hours to the vicinity of the implant. The battery needs recharging from once a month to every few weeks.”

In 2008, NDI sold for $42 million to Medtronic its MedStim technology to deliver electrical stimulation to the nerves that control bladder function.

In January 2010, SPR (Stimulation for Pain Relief) Therapeutics was formed under NDI’s portfolio to develop peripheral nerve stimulation devices for the treatment of pain.  SPR’s first product is an external nerve stimulator to be used for up to 30 days for pain relief.   However, SPR is developing a 2-stage PNS system, that will utilize the external Smartpatch System for trialing the therapy in its first stage, and the implantable MicroPulse in its second stage.

 NDI Medical’s webpage: www.ndimedical.com

SPR Therapeutics’ webpage: www.sprtherapeutics.com

Click here for NDI Medical’s patents


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